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Oracle Business Intelligence Application - Client Installation/Configuration

This is an attempt to share notes on installation/configuration the Oracle Business Intelligence Application client tools on Windows Platform
Client Install
Informatica PowerCenter Client 8.6.1 and then the Hotfix

Copy domain.infa to C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.1\domain.infa

Install the Data Warehouse Administration Console (and then patch)
patch DAC - p8760212_101341_Generic

Rename original versions of DAWSystem.jar and infa_command.xml file in the following directories and replace with the patch versions

Configure Oracle Connection

Ensure DB entry is in the hosts file
Start -> Programs -> Oracle - OraClient11g home1 -> Config and Migration -> Net Manager 
Net Service Name: XXX
Host Name: XXX
Port: 1799
Service Name: PRODOBI

Test, Save and Exit

Configure DAC

Firstly copy the odbc driver to the dac\lib directory
C:\orahome\10gR3_1\inventory\Scripts\ext\jlib\ojdbc6.jar ->
Start -> Programs -> Data Warehouse Administration Console -> Client
Create a new Connection (first run only)
Configure -> New Connection and setup with the following info (depending on environment)
Connection Type: Oracle (OCI8)
TNS_NAME: prodobi
Authentication File: C:\orahome\10gR3_1\bifoundation\dac\conf\connections\PRODOBI.con
(Create new con file - select default directory and name)

If successful you should be able to login with username: dac
Create a new repository (first run only)
Table space: OBI_DATA
Create default administrator account: dac_admin
Analyze repository tables: yes

Install Java JDK
Install jdk-1_5_0_16-windows-i586-p.exe
Run through the wizard and install with all default options
Install OBIEE
An OBIEE install is required even though the services will be run on Linux rather than Windows. The files are required for other parts of the BI services.
Use default locations (C:\OracleBI and C:\OracleBIData) and Basic type
Select Complete install (although only the client tools will be used you still need a full install)
Select the java version installed above (C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16)
Enter the oc4jadmin password (not actually used)
Allow it to install Services as Local System but set all Start Types to 'Manual'
Click Install and be patient - install takes a long time (~25-30 mins)

Install BI Apps (E.g. Service Analytics and Marketing Analytics)
Enter locations used in the OBIEE install (C:\OracleBI and C:\OracleBIData
Deselect all install services, and select only the following:
·         Service Analytics
·         Marketing Analytics

Setup ODBC and Configure DAC
Setup ODBC connection on Windows machine to connect to OBAW
Control Panel -> Data Sources (ODBC), System DSN tab, to create two system dsn for source and target data sources

Select the Oracle Merant Closed driver
Data Source Name: DAW
Server Name: PRODOBI (from OBIEE DB in tnsnames)
Client Version: 10gR1

Select the Oracle Merant Closed driver
Data Source Name: SIEBEL
Server Name: STCRM01_PERFCRM (from CRM DB in tnsnames)
Client Version: 10gR1

Prepare and Configure DAC
Copy following files
C:\OracleBI\dwrep\DAC_metadata\DAC_Client\export\* C:\orahome\10gR3_1\bifoundation\dac\export
... to C:\orahome\10gR3_1\bifoundation\dac\conf\
... to /u01/dac/bifoundation/dac/Informatica/parameters/input/

Import Repository
In DAC, select Tools -> DAC Repository Management -> Import
Select Categories Logical, System, Overwrite log file (all others deselected)
In Application List, select
Data Warehouse
Siebel 8.1.1
Siebel 8.1.1 Vertical
Check Truncate repository tables
Check Enable batch
Click OK and confirm the text

Create DW Tables
Note: -The DW user should have SSE_ROLE
In DAC, select Tools -> ETL Management -> Configure
Select Oracle as Target and Source platforms
Select Create / Upgrade Data Warehouse Tables, put in following details
Container: <leave blank>
Table Owner: obaw
Password: <db password>
ODBC Data Source: OBAW
Tablespace: obi_data
Index Space: obi_indx
Check Is Unicode

Set DAC Server Parameters
In the DAC client, got Setup button and change the following parameters...
DAC Server Host = vtcrmperfobi01
DAC Server OS = Linux
InformaticaParameterFileLocation = /u01/Informatica/PowerCenter8.6.1/server/infa_shared/SrcFiles
Ensure the DAC server is in the hosts file then save and restart the client.
Check the server is connected with the DB icon in the top right (takes approx 10/20 secs from opening the client for the icon to turn from Red (not connected) to Amber (connected but idle)
If the DAC client will not connect - try restarting all services on the Linux server
Registering Informatica Services in DAC
Note – Insure that tnsnames.ora is correct on both the Windows and Linux machines
In the DAC client, go to Setup tab -> Informatica Servers Configure INFORMATICA_DW_SERVER with the following:
Type: (default) Informatica
Service: PROD_Integration_Service
Port: (default) 4006
Domain: Domain_PRODOBI01
Login: (default) Administrator
Password: <enter passwd>
Max Sessions: (default) 10
Repository Name: Oracle_BI_DW_Base

Type: (default) Repository
Hostname: PRODOBI01
Port: (default) 6001
Domain: (default) Domain_PRODOBI01
Login: (default) Administrator
Password: <enter passwd>
Max Sessions: (default) 5
Repository Name: PROD_Repository_Service

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