Monday, 25 June 2012

Oracle Data Mining (ODM) Architecture

Oracle Data Mining (ODM), is a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option for Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition. ODM provides a collection of in-database data mining algorithms that solve a wide range of business problems. It provides the necessary mining model building, testing and scoring capabilities. Because of data, models, and results remain in Oracle Database, data movement is eliminated, security is maximized, and information latency is minimized.
The purpose of this blog is to discuss architecture of Oracle Data Mining in-database and its individual components.  
Oracle Data Mining Architecture
Oracle Data Mining (ODM) has two components a server and one or more clients.
·         Oracle Database 11g (11.2) Enterprise Edition Server
·         Oracle Data Miner, the client, is an integrated feature of Oracle SQL

In addition to the database, Data Miner requires the installation of a Data Miner Repository account. The repository is a separate account in the database named ODMRSYS. This repository is shared by all user accounts in the database that have been granted the appropriate privileges to use the Data Miner Repository.
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition includes following services which are critical in support of Oracle Data Miner:
Oracle Data Mining :-Provides the necessary mining model building, testing and scoring capabilities
Oracle XML DB :-Provides services to manage the Data Miner Repository metadata,m such as the detais of the workflow specifications
Oracle Scheduler :-Provides the engine of mining the Data Miner workflows
Oracle Text :-Provides services necessary to support text mining
Oracle Data Miner Client
Oracle Data Miner client embedded in SQL Developer 3.1 + screensnapshot is as below.

Oracle Applications and ODM
Following applications are powered by Oracle Data Mining  

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