Friday, 26 July 2013

Error Opening RPD Online: [nQSError: 46036] Internal Assertion

I have been at customer site and faced following problem while using Admin tool to open RPD Online.  The Oracle Support has a following document published to deal with this issue. It is an attempt to share it to wider audience.


Using the Admin tool to open the RPD Online produces an error:

[nQSError: 46036] Internal Assertion: Condition m_pFile->Read(bytes, sizeof(data)) == sizeof(data), file server\objectmodel\Src\SORpArchivePersistStream.cpp, line 373.

Reason and Resolution

The common reason for 'Internal Assertion' message is a version mismatch.
In order to check any version mismatches, log into Analytics as an Admin user and go to the Administration page. Expand the header, if needed, and verify you are on
Then open the RPD in offline mode. Go to Help > About and verify the version is and Repository version is 326.

As an example: Let's say the Administration tool version was and RPD was 325. You will need to download the new version of the Administration Tool from the Analytics Home page. Upgrading the Admin tool to solved the issue.

Oracle Support Link

I hope this copy and pasted information useful. 


  1. Thank you! Getting this information so quickly saved me a lot of time!

  2. I could not find the Admin tool version How do I do the upgrade?

  3. Hi

    Client tools are part of patch 16556157.

    Download Patch 16556157 bundled as zip-file

    It consists of following patches, unzip patch 16869578 ,which has client installable(s) e.g. Admin Tool, ODBC Client and Catalog Manager

    Patch 16453010
    Patch 16849017
    Patch 16916026
    Patch 16850553
    Patch 16842070
    Patch 16869578

    I hope you find this information useful.

    1. This soulution resolved the issue..

  4. Thanks a lot, this tips solved my problem. Thanks a lot.

  5. Thanks a lot for this. Problem now solved :-)

  6. Thanks a lot for this.