Sunday, 13 October 2013

Conditional Formatting – Is it possible to use special color for highest or lowest values in OBIEE 11g Analysis Charts?

Yes it is possible; the following graph shows analysis output where I have used ‘red’ as a special color for highest values of product type revenue for a selected value for quarter slider.

For using conditional formatting in chart, the column used for conditional formatting needs to use as one of the display column in the chart, I know it is not helpful.

For finding out highest or lowest values the RANK function is ideal, but it is also important to note that RANK always worked on the original criteria not based on aggregation (group by) of the chart.  

I believe by ticking little bit we can achieve this, I hope it is useful though it is not ideal.

Analysis Columns 

Columns Used – Name Qtr, Product Type, Revenue and Revenue Rank
Filter – I have chosen Year=2012 for demonstration purpose

The RANK (Expression by Dimension) would help to rank the Revenue based on the chosen dimension, rather than the original criteria.  The use of case statement is to make sure that ranked column when included in the chart display should not affect the chart visual. 

Graph Layout

The Revenue Rank column is included within Bars section as shown below.

Conditional Formatting


Analysis Output

It worked, the only additional value on the horizontal axis is ‘.’ along with Product Type of which has maximum revenue for the selected quarter.  

By adding Average Revenue as a line along with the graph makes it more interesting.

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