Friday, 17 January 2014

OBIA 7964- Do we need to re-Link the OBIA (OBIEE, Informatica and DAC) binaries after upgrading the Operating System

What is Re-Linking?  

Applications for UNIX are generally not distributed as complete executable. Many vendors who create products for UNIX distribute individual object files, library archives for object files and more source files which then get ‘re-linked’ at the operating system level during installation to create usable executable(s). This guarantees a reliable integration with functions provided by the Operating System libraries.

Automatic Re-Linking

Re-linking occurs automatically under following circumstances

  • A product has been installed with provided installer
  • A patch has been applied via provided installer

Most of the product vendors guarantee operating system binary compatibility; therefore, no reinstall or re-link of the software is required when upgrading these operating systems unless specifically stated otherwise.

Manual Re-Linking

Re-linking manually is suggested under the following circumstances, even though the OS vendor may not require it

  • An OS upgrade has occurred
  • A change has been made to the OS system libraries
  • A new install failed during the re-linking phase.
  • Individual executables core dump during initial startup
  • An individual patch has been applied

It is very common for Oracle Database software on UNIX to execute the procedures for manual re-linking if any OS change happened. A tech note ‘How to Re-link Oracle Database Software on UNIX (Doc ID 131321.1)’ has list of procedures for the same.

Re-Linking OBIA

Do we need to re-link OBIA (OBIEE, Informatica and DAC) binaries?  Good news that as OBIEE binaries use the C++ runtime and linked statically there is no need to do any manual re-linking for OBIEE.  See note OBIEE 11g: Do Need to Re-link the OBIEE Binaries after Upgrading the Linux Kernel and Kernel Headers. (Doc ID 1554289.1)

According to latest SR update which is been shared with me by one of DBA on customer project, there is no need of re-link for Informatica and DAC.

So in short we don’t have to worry with any operating system modifications or changes. I hope you find this information useful.

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