Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Truth Vs Hype – Interesting Analysis of Modern Information Technology Trends


Gartner research published a hype curve, with expectation at Y axis and time on X axis plotted modern information technologies on curve. I have found it a very interesting read. Big Data, Speech-to-Speech Translation, Consumer 3D Printing are some of the technologies which are categorized as hype while in-memory database and predictive analytics are treated as closer to truth.

This is an attempt to share a hype curve published last year by Gartner to wider audience.

Hype Curve

This is a very interesting curve. It is subject to strict monitoring going forward to test it against time. I have been started working couple of projects on information discovery, predictive analytics for structured and non-structured data feed. It may not be a big data project in totality but I believe it is beginning on the big spectrum, I believe all big data projects would start with discovery/research to begin with.

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