Thursday, 18 September 2014

Oracle BI Cloud Options- Public, Private or Hybrid?

According to analyst, improve the use of data and analytics for improving business decisions and outcomes is one of the top most priorities for companies for coming years. More and more companies are looking forward for a cloud based analytic solution to achieve these fundamental priorities. The trend is there is increase in cloud data growth by almost 35% while traditional data center data growth is about 12%. In short the cloud services are here to stay and continue to grow.
Oracle has number of offerings in cloud services space, the recent addition is BI Cloud Services. This blog is an attempt to explain Oracle BI Cloud offering in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS options.
What is Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud?
Oracle’s understanding around cloud options is a follows
Private Cloud: This is simply on-premises software.  It is sold by user license or processor based models and the customer is entirely responsible for the infrastructure and maintenance of the deployment.
Public cloud: The public cloud is not as flexible as the private cloud; however, it presents a range of benefits not achievable with private cloud.  Provided customers are willing to accept the limitations of choice then the overall cost benefit alone are extremely compelling.
Hybrid cloud: Simply, this approach integrates on-premises data with cloud based data.  This allows for organizations to save highly secure data on-premises (perhaps by law) while taking advantage of cloud benefits for a subset of the data.  For example, government departments may keep sensitive data on-premises while providing public data via the cloud.  Users with access to both would be able to join the data for a complete view.
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle offers a full range of cloud options from private through to the public cloud.
Private cloud: It is an on-premises CAPEX spend and standard license model.  The customer buys and owns all HW and SW and is responsible for the maintenance.  It is the build approach where the customer constructs their own analytic solution.   Upgrades and customizations are done as per the customer’s timeframe and requirements.
Public cloud : This is completely the opposite of private; the public cloud is a multi- tenant by subscription model only.   Oracle retains ownership of all SW and HW and will be responsible for the maintenance.  The OPC is an OPEX expense.  As software needs to be upgraded, it will be undertaken by Oracle on a pre-announced schedule.  Customers need not be concerned about any aspects of operation beyond their actual use of the software.
Managed Cloud Services : This approach is a single tenant cloud where the customer is able to outsource some of the deployment to Oracle.  The customer still buys and owns the SW licenses, however, the software is deployed to Oracle owned and maintained infrastructure.  This is sometimes considered ‘hosting’. Upgrades and customizations are done as per the customer’s time-frame and requirements.
Oracle BI Cloud Services Link
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