Monday, 14 April 2014

Top 10 Trends for Big Data and Analytics According to Oracle Research


Oracle research suggests that more and more companies have more data which they can use effectively, yet most of business analyst claim that systems would not provide the right information which they need to make important decisions. As a result more than 90% of them are losing revenue.

In response, IT strategies are changing fast. We are at the forefront of a seismic shift in investments. Big data is moving center-stage, mobile computing is infiltrating enterprise computing, and many CIOs are adopting a cloud strategy for rapid provisioning of IT environments. Formulating a big data strategy with analytics is central to deriving value from corporate investments.

This blog is an attempt to share the outcome of Oracle published Research to wider audience. I am planning to work on each of findings in more details in near future.

Oracle Survey

Oracle surveyed hundreds of IT decision makers to learn about their plans for 2014—both within the Oracle customer base and the industry at large.

The important questions on which this survey was focused are as follows..

Which information management priorities are at the top of the corporate IT agenda? What are the most compelling developments in big data, analytics, mobile computing, data warehousing, and cloud computing that motivate IT leaders to undertake new technology initiatives?

Top 10 Trends for Big Data and Analytics

Respondents provided specific feedback on analytics, big data, and enterprise performance management (EPM) technologies and practices. From this extensive data set we compiled the following trends

Trend 1: Business Users Get Hooked on Mobile Analytics

Trend 2: Analytics Take to the Cloud

Trend 3: Hadoop-Based Data Reservoirs Unite with Data Warehouses

Trend 4: New Skills Bolster Big Data Investments

Trend 5: Big Data Discovery is the Secret to Workforce Success for HCM

Trend 6: Predictive Analytics Lend Fresh Insight into Big Data Strategies

Trend 7: Predictive Analytics Bring New Insight to Old Business Processes

Trend 8: Decision Optimization Technologies Enhance Human Intuition

Trend 9: Business Leaders Embrace Packaged Analytics

Trend 10: New Skills Launch New Horizons of Analysis


In nearly every industry, organizations are challenged to make sense of a growing base of information. Data influences many types of business decisions, motivating IT leaders to deploy intuitive BI tools, to acquire pre-built analytics for LoB applications, and to utilize mobile and cloud models for economy and convenience.

Market leaders gain the upper hand through effective use of technology. They rely on modern software tools to integrate structured and unstructured data, to empower business users with self-service capabilities, to model large data sets, and to make bold predictions based on patterns in the data.

Oracle’s unrivaled portfolio of intuitive business intelligence, best practice analytic applications, advanced analytics, gold-standard data warehouse, and engineered systems provides the flexibility and speed necessary to harness the 2014 trends in mobile, cloud, and big data computing.

Source Document
Big Data and Analytics Top Ten Trends for 2014

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile for Apple iOS and Google Android

Oracle recently released Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile which allows user to view and interact with Oracle BI content on Android smart phones and tablets. Using Oracle BI Mobile, you can access and analyze all BI content such as analyses and dashboards, BI Publisher content, scorecard content, and content delivered by agents.

Viewing content on a mobile device requires a presentation that differs from how you view the same content on a desktop monitor. Oracle BI Mobile optimizes the presentation of your BI content for mobile viewing.

Oracle BI Mobile also allows you to view BI content designed specifically for mobile viewing: "mobile apps" created with Oracle Mobile App Designer.

This blog is an attempt to list down download location, features and release note related Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Down Load Location

Release Note


Features of Oracle BI Mobile 11g Release 1 (

Release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition introduces Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile for the Android platform. Oracle BI Mobile for Android number of features, some of them are listed below.

  • Platform support for Android phones and tablets
  • BI contents are available for immediate consumption on your mobile device, optimized for mobile viewing without the need to redesign any content.
  • User can consume mobile-specific BI content created with Oracle Mobile App Designer.
  • Support for BI EE objects: dashboards, analyses, BI Publisher reports, briefing books, scorecards, performance tiles.
  • In analyses and dashboards, the Oracle BI Mobile application provides all analytic actions (such as drill, action link, prompts, and so on).
  • For BI Publisher, all content outputs to PDF.
  • In scorecards, the Oracle BI Mobile application provides a subset of analytic actions.
  • Pre-configured demo server. Upon launching Oracle BI Mobile, you can access a demonstration server to work with a version of the sample application.
Sample Dashboard

I hope for all Google Android mobile user , it is exciting news.