Thursday, 23 February 2012

Oracle BI Foundation Suite is now GA

Today Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud ( eDelivery) and OTN.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the extracts from the announcement and also some helpful links to start with.

OTN Download Location

OBIEE (Client Tools)
Microsoft Windows x86 32 bit /64 bit  
OBIEE Available Binaries for Operating Systems (Server Tools)
Binaries are available for Windows – 32 bit /64 bit, Linux x86 32 bit / 64 bit, Sun Solaris 64 bit SPARC and X86 and AIX – 64 bit.

RCU – Repository Creation Utility – (Windows 32 bit / Linux 32 bit)

Documentation URL Location

Certification Matrix now published for OBIEE

The certification matrix for all oracle fusion middleware anlong with OBIEE

High Level Features

·         80 + New Features and Enhancements with BI Foundation Suite
·         OBI and Essbase optimized for in-memory analytics with Exalytics.
·         Speed-of-thought interactive analysis, “go-less” prompts, and contextual actions
·         Increased Essbase parallelism for calculation, load, restructure and export
·         New visualizations, including the innovative Contribution Wheel
·         Scorecard mobile and interactivity improvements
·         BI Publisher end user, developer, and administrator enhancements
·         New browser, data source and platform certifications

Oracle Exalytics

With this release of OBIEE, all components of Oracle Exalytics are now available.

·    OBI Foundation Suite is the required version for Exalytics  It includes Essbase and Oracle BI
·    Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2-4 and Oracle Times Ten for Exalytics are already GA

The Exalytics – an engineered system for in-memory decision support, online analytical processing, forecasting and planning opens number of possibilities to achieve ultimate BI solution.  I am planning to cover features/ new enhancements in details in future blogs entries going forward.


  1. Hi Pravin Sirjee, your
    blog is really excellent.
    Is there any way we can get previous releases of OBIEE, say for Windows?

  2. And, will you also please add the installation steps? Many Thnaks in advance.