Monday, 19 March 2012

Oracle Database 11g Installation – Windows 64 bit

This is an attempt to share all the tasks involved in installing Oracle Business Intelligence software 'Simple Install'.  

The installation process which I would like to blog about has following three sections.
  • Oracle Database 11g Installation – Windows 64 bit
  • Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Execution 
  • OBIEE Installation
I hope this step by step by guide might help as a reference during your installation journey. In this blog I am covering the Oracle Database 11g installation on Windows 64 bit. I am planning to cover the RCU Execution and OBIEE in future blogs.
Download Software Binaries 
Download instable for Oracle Database 11g R2 for Windows 64 bit from oracle OTN. 094461.html

Accept the OTN License Agreement, download.

Unzip downloaded files - both files to the same directory

Click on setup.exe to install the download
Put email address (optional) for security updates

Select installation option, create and configure a database …

Choose system class, select desktop class

Choose location to install, global database name, administrator and password … (APC..), make sure the right character set is selected based on the applications and its database character set requirements.

Installation wizard performs the pre-requisite check; the Summary of Installation is below

Product Install Starts

Install Product – In Progress
Database Configuration Assistant
Password Management

Password Management – Unlock Account / Password Confirmation
Finish Installation

Check Services – Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Services - Check Oracle Service and TNS Listener Service
Log in to Enterprise Manager 

Database Control

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