Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Oracle Business Intelligence, v. is Available on OTN

Oracle Business Intelligence v. is now available on OTN for download. This blog is an attempt to share the recent communication from Oracle Product Management Team.

What’s New ??

The new release of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, Release, features more than two hundred enhancements, designed to add new functionality, improve performance, and deliver an enhanced end-user experience. Some of the major new features and enhancements are:
New visualizations and user-interactions, including Performance Tile, Waterfall, and 100 percent stacked bar graphs. Breadcrumbs provide contextual awareness and navigation. Users can now anchor the header for tables or pivot views using the “Freeze Header” feature, which is also available on the BI Mobile app via the scroll gesture.
New Visualization Suggestion Engine helps business users select the chart type best suited for the display of current data and the analysis task they wish to perform— “Comparing Values”, “Analyzing Trends”, “Comparing Percentages”, etc.  An algorithmic engine evaluates data types and the cardinality of the result set to recommend the most optimal visualization.

 New Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office Integration. The Smart View Add-in replaces the Oracle BI Office Add-in as the primary Office application for Oracle BI Foundation. Both are still available with OBI  Users now can access the Oracle BI Foundation Catalog in Smart View, add dashboards and analyses, create new analyses from scratch, in Excel, and save them as either Excel worksheets or back in the Oracle BI Foundation Catalog.

BI Mobile Enhancements. All new visualizations are touch enabled and support gestural interactions. Double-tap on a view renders it in full-screen mode. Enhancements to email settings now allow users to email attachments in the PDF format also.

Tighter OBI-BI Publisher Integration. Translate OBI Dashboards to BI Publisher layouts automatically. Use multiple templates to  allow pixel-perfect printing of dashboards.  BI Publisher can now directly access subject areas in the Oracle BI Foundation Catalog, removing the need to create separate BIP data models.

BI Publisher Enhancements. Report Wizard enhancements, Layout Editor Extensions for Interactive Viewer, improved Data Model Editor usability, and private JDBC connections are now supported. XML and CSV formats can now be configured as “local sources”.  Integration with enterprise applications has been enhanced with the ability to convert an E-Business Suite catalog to BI Publisher. E-Business Suite Flex Fields are now supported as BI Publisher Report parameters.

 Advanced and Predictive Analytics. OBI Dashboards and prompts can run Oracle R for Enterprise (ORE) scripts that perform complicated statistical analyses, and Oracle Data Mining algorithms and cluster analysis, and visualize the data set as interactive images embedded in Dashboards.

 Big Data integration to Apache Hadoop as a data source. The BI Server is now able to generate Hive query language commands to query federated Hadoop data sources.

Exalytics support

Oracle BI is not certified for Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine.  OBI, Endeca 3.0, and updates to TimesTen In-Memory RDBMS, Hyperion EPM and other Exalytics software are planned to be included with Exalytics PS3 in June (Oracle Internal Only).

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I hope you find this information useful. What has been changed ? Please watch this place.

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