Friday, 27 December 2013

OBIEE 11g Release Breadcrumbs - Easy Navigation Option

Till OBIEE 11g Release, it has been very difficult to understand the current location within OBIEE content and relevant paths which have been used to navigate Oracle BI content. This is been the long standing requirement from number of customers. Breadcrumbs have been added as part of OBIEE 11g Release release to address the issue. I believe this offers a significant improvement in overall navigation experience for BI users.


Breadcrumbs have been added to help users understand their current location within Oracle BI content and the path that they have used to navigate Oracle BI content. Breadcrumbs display at the bottom of the page, and users can click a breadcrumb or the breadcrumb overflow button to navigate to a specific location on their breadcrumb trail.

These are active links which users can click to return to the content location from which they navigated and to the state of the content when they left it. 

A breadcrumb trail shown below which is always display at the bottom of the page in Presentation Services , demonstrate how the user navigated from 1.00 New Features Demo: NewViz (Dashboard)  to 1.30 Quickstart:Customers Profile 

Breadcrumbs Format

There are various ways that breadcrumbs could display within trail. Some of the examples which would explain various formats are included below.

.. (Blue Ellipses) – Breadcrumbs overflow button

Blue Text – Link to a visited location

Blue Text in Italics – Link to a visited editor e.g. Analysis editor

Black Text – Current Location

Black Text in Italics – Current Location in an Editor

The Breadcrumbs shows trail only when the user navigated, normal drill down within the dashboard does not include in the trail. 

I hope you find this information useful.

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