Friday, 27 December 2013

OBIEE 11g Release – Navigation from the Total or Grand Total in a Table or Pivot Table View

In OBIEE 11g the BI content navigation is done via Actions. With OBIEE 11g Release provide an option to navigate from the total or grand total in a table or pivot table view. This was not supported in earlier version of OBIEE 11g.

This blog is an attempt to explore this feature with enough details so end user can use this navigation option with ease.

Column Properties and Action Link

An action link can be set at three different levels for the selected column. The first option is to set it at Column Heading; second option is to set it Column Value level, now it can be set at Column Value Total or Grand Total level too. No additional configuration is required.

If an analysis contains a total or grand total and associated attribute or hierarchical column contains an action link, the action link is also applied to both the column and the total or grand total.

Once action links are defined on column value, Interaction tab as shown above which is same as previous version of OBIEE 11g.

A simple report with following columns is created, the action links are defined on 1-Revenue at Column Value level. 

Action link navigation is available at column value level as well as total in table or pivot table as shown below.

This is a good feature and should provide option to navigate from total or grand total.

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