Monday, 30 December 2013

OBIEE 11g When You Click on Edit To Open an Analysis Request, It Goes to Results Tab Instead of Criteria – How to Change it

Unlike OBIEE 10g, clicking on the edit button below a report in the 11g version redirects toward the "results" tab instead of the "criteria" tab. Therefore it retrieves the data and it can take a while, it is not ideal to open report in results tab instead of criteria tab.

Is there any way we can make sure that the report would open in criteria tab instead of result.

User Level Setting

This behavior can be changed at user level. To achieve this Login to Presentation services > My Account >Under Preferences tab > Analysis Editor > Select option "Start on Criteria Tab when Editing Analysis"

As this option is available at user level, it is not desirable to set it for individual user. It would be ideal to have a configuration option that would determine which Answers tab the Edit landed results tab or criteria tab.

Configuration Option

An enhancement was logged to have a configuration option that would determine which Answers
tab the Edit landed, but it seems that it is not been auctioned till now, which is unfortunate. The same option would apply to the 'Analyze' link as well. The experts suggest there is no need to have configuration options for both but rather have a single option control both links. In short there is no configuration option to achieve the desirable result.

Non Supported Option

After goggling, I have got something which I found interesting from Oracle Forum discussion, a non-supported option which affects on entire dashboard and for all users. By default, the Action request is sent to results tab, one can modify it by editing the dashboardeditor.js file found in /app/res/b_mozilla/dashboards folder.

The steps involved are as follows

Open dashboardeditor.js file.
Search for the function "DUIModifyReport".
Inside the function you will find that ***"&Action=results&Path="****
Change results to criteria. In other words, the changed code will look like
Re-deploy the code and bounce the services.
Manually copy the changed dashboardeditor.js to
/user_projects/domains/BIfoundation/servers/bi_server1/tmp/_WL_user/analytics_11.1.1/$RANDOMFOLDERNAME$/war/res/b_mozilla/dashboards and bounce the services.

I haven’t tried this option till now. I don’t see any reason why this won’t work.  I hope you find this information useful.

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