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Financial (AP/AR/GL) Analytics Integration with Projects in OBIA 7964

Oracle Analytical Application

As you know Oracle is continuously acquiring additional applications, one thing remains the same – pre-built analytics on Oracle’s BI Foundation. Oracle analytics apps family which Siebel started back in 2000/2001 has grown into 80+ analytical applications. The latest inclusion of Taleo and Right now analytics are the latest in the strong list. I still remember working on one of the first analytics application with big telecom company in London back in 2001.

Now we got number of Analytical Application, there is growing need on how to integrate these different analytics to maximize the cross field benefits. The most common request is around project analytics where customer would like to integrate project information with financial and spend/procurement data. Oracle has responded back by providing an option to integrate the Project Analytics with Procurement and Spend Analytics for Oracle EBS and Financial Analytics for Oracle EBS with OBIA 7964. Customer would have to pay some additional license fee J

This blog is an attempt to discuss the option of integrating Financial Analytics of Oracle EBS with the Project Analytics data.

Oracle Offering - Integration with Financial Analytics

Oracle Project Analytics which is a part of OBIA provides an out-of-the-box integration with Oracle Financial Analytics. The integration allows project users to get details of both AR invoices and AP invoices at summary level of each project in multiple buckets to understand the cash flow. It offers users to drill down to the receivable or payables information to view the specific customer invoices or suppler invoices causing the cash flow issues, and take remedial actions before they occur. This is possible as Project Invoices functionality is a part of Oracle Financial Analytics.

Integrated Subject Area and Fact Tables

The following Oracle Financial Analytics for EBS Subject Areas to use Project Analytics for EBS tables:
Financials - Budget
Financials -Payables
Financials -Receivables
Financials - Cost of Goods Sold
Financials - General Ledger
Financials - Revenue

The following Oracle Financial Analytics fact tables integrate with Project Analytics dimensions:


Configuration Steps

In DAC, select the Oracle EBS source system container depending on the version of the OLTP that you are using.
Select each Subject Area, and then in the Configuration Tags tab, clear the Inactive check box for the Enable Project Dimensions configuration tag.
Assemble the Subject Areas.
Click the Execute button and build the Execution Plan for the Subject Areas that you updated.

End User Reports – Projects to Financial Data

Project Invoices 

Drill to AP Invoices

Drill to AR Invoices

I hope this information is useful.

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