Tuesday, 25 March 2014

OBIEE 11g – Compound Layout Overlaps When Downloaded to Excel

This blog is an attempt to discuss problem of overlaps when down loaded to Excel and possible work around discussed on Oracle Support Tech note.


In OBIEE 11g, for a compound view with two tables and a graph. When exported this to Excel, the graph is overlaps one of the tables. I have seen this issue quite often. 

Work Around

OBIEE download process generates MHTML and simply change the extension of the downloaded file from .mht to .xls. Oracle believes it is limitation of Excel (which I found an amazing argument). If report is downloaded the same report as .mht , it found that the charts do not overlap.

I don’t think there is any solution available as of now. Oracle supports suggests following workarounds:

  • Export to 'Web Archive (.mht) instead of Excel. Then open the .mht file in Excel and save it to .xls format
  • Export to Excel. Open the file in Excel and drag the graph to the right place.

I believe these are not actual solutions, only work around. Sometimes it is better than something rather than nothing.

Source Document
Please refer following source document from Oracle Support.
OBIEE 11g: Compound Layout (Table, Graph) Overlaps when Downloaded to Excel (Doc ID 1536318.1)


  1. how about pdf? when i try to export a report with a 8 graph it will fit in just one paper is there a way to adjust the fitting?

  2. If you insert a blank narrative between the table and chart it seems to force them to be separated.