Monday, 29 September 2014

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio and Integrator diagnostic Files

The purpose of this document is to provide information on useful diagnostic logs and data to collect for the Integrator component that is included in the following Endeca products:
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Integrator
Integrator Designer
Integrator project directory (containing graphs, data-in, config-in, data-out folders, etc..) from Designer workspace would provide information about the projects
Console's output would also provide information around failures once job is fired. There is limited buffer in the console output window in the Integrator Designer. If the console output window does not show the full output, right click on the graph > Run As > Run Configurations > Common > Standard Input and Output > File: and specify an actual log file to record the console output information, then run the graph again to collect the full log and send to us.
Integrator Server
Application server log files can be found at  (<tomcat_dir>/logs or <weblogic_domain_dir>/servers/<server_name>/logs).
Integrator graph run logs are generally at <tomcat_dir>/temp/cloverlogs or <system_tmp_dir>/cloverlogs (if running on Weblogic).
Sandbox directory (this is specified when you first defined your sandbox for the Integrator Server. Check out the "Sandbox root path" from the Integrator Server admin console > Sandboxes to identify the location of your graph's sandbox directory)
Debugging Bulk Ingest Issues
When troubleshooting bulk load issues (when using Bulk Add/Replace component), it is often useful to include --bulkingestverbose and --datalayerverbose in the Dgraph startup command/arguments.
To add the above parameters to Dgraph/Data Store/Data Domain startup command for 3.X version
Create a data domain profile ( ) with the appropriate logging arguments. Export (export-dd) the data domain to back it up somewhere. Disable and delete the data domain. And use import-dd to import the backed up domain while referencing the new data domain profile. This will effectively "recreate" the data domain with additional Dgraph startup arguments. Please refer t for details on data domain operations/commands
Add the 2 commands/arguments noted above to your Dgraph/Data Store/Data Domain, reproduce the bulk ingest problem and then provide the latest Dgraph/Data Store/Data Domain standard out/error log (refer to 1557615.1 for the location of the standard out/err log).
Oracle Support Document
[Diagnostic Logs and Data Gathering] Oracle Endeca Information Discovery > Integrator (Doc ID 1558013.1)
I hope you find this information useful.

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