Thursday, 16 February 2012

Upgrading OBIEE 10g to OBIEE 11g for Financial Services Profitability Analytics V5.1 – A Practical Example

Problem Description
The Oracle Financial Services Profitability Analytics v5.1 is BI Apps for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure v7.1/7.2, particularly for Profitability Analytics.  The current BI Apps solution is available with BI Foundation 10g.

This blog is an attempt to provide you a practical example of upgrading the OBIEE 10g Repository and Web Catalog to OBIEE 11g in general and Financial Services Profitability Analytics V5.1 in particular.
RCU – Created the Destination BIPLATFORM Schemas and OBIEE 11g installed and configured
Upgrade Assistant must be able to access following directories

A.      Directories that contain the 10g Oracle BI Repository Files
B.       The 10g Catalog and Catalog Deliveries directories

Make sure the target database entry is in tnsmanes.ora or odbc connection for relational/dsn based solution. As profitability analytics is essbase based reporting solution make sure that essbase server must be accessble.

The OBIEE 11g Administration Server and the Managed Server must remain running during the upgrade process.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant
The Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant is used for upgrading the repository and web catalog.

Start Upgrade Assistant
Change the directory to the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory (e.g. D:\Middleware\Oracle_BI1) of the Oracle Fusion Middleware installation.
On Windows operating system execute/click - ua.bat for UNIX execute. /ua

Welcome Screen

Specify Operation
Select operation - Upgrade Oracle BI RPD and Catalog

Specify Source Details
This is regarding Oracle 10g BI Repository and Catalog Details from existing 10g Installation/copy.
For Repository – Location/User Name/Password and password which will be used to secure upgraded 11g repository.

Note – For Multiple BI repositories run upgrade assistant once for each repository.
For Catalog – Catalog Directory / Deliveries Directory – by default it is located in the OracleBIData/web/catalog directory, if it does not exists any empty directory named deliveries can be given for upgrade.  I have created a empty directory and specified its path.

Specify Web logic Server Details

Examine - The components provided

Upgrade Summary- The screen shows the upgrade summary such as repository source, catalog directory etc.

Upgrading Components

Upgrading Success

Verification of Oracle BI EE Upgrade

1. Login http://localhost:7001/em  (Fusion Middleware Control) and verify that OBIEE Components are up and running.

2. Run the Upgrade Assistant again and select Verify Instance , put in details of weblogic server, and click on verify option.

The verfication screen - success

Error -
During upgrade I have encountered following error.

Log File – Checked log file at D:\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\upgrade\logs\us2012-02-15-12-06-10PM.log

[2012-02-15T15:10:21.119+00:00] [BIEE] [NOTIFICATION] [] [upgrade.BIEE] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JM1ZOpO8how70FyWMF1FEtyn000005,0] Upgrade catalog started
[2012-02-15T15:10:25.204+00:00] [BIEE] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.BIEE] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JM1ZOpO8how70FyWMF1FEtyn000005,0] Item (/shared/_ibots) already exists in catalog.
[2012-02-15T15:10:25.209+00:00] [BIEE] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.BIEE] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JM1ZOpO8how70FyWMF1FEtyn000005,0] Upgrading catalog failed.[[
Item (/shared/_ibots) already exists in catalog.
[2012-02-15T15:10:29.686+00:00] [Framework] [ERROR] [UPGAST-00138] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JM1ZOpO8how70FyWMF1FEtyn000005,0] upgrade exception occurred
[2012-02-15T15:10:29.686+00:00] [Framework] [ERROR] [] [upgrade.Framework] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JM1ZOpO8how70FyWMF1FEtyn000005,0] Cause: An unexpected upgrade exception has occurred. Action: See the secondary error message for additional details.
Cause of Error
In the catalog in _ibot folder there were 3 common empty folders

Reviewed the web catalog, specifically the _iBot folder and remove three empty folders, rerun upgrade.

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